Aesthetic Clinic KL

Aesthetic Clinic KL is a branch of Clinic Laser & Cosmetic Ling

Aesthetic Clinic KL

Aesthetic Clinic KL is the chain clinic of Clinic Laser & Cosmetic Surgery is one of the pioneer clinic in aesthetic practice in SS2 and in petaling Jaya and the Klang Valley. Many patient comes from the KL area as well.

Laser clinic is handled and maned by doctor who practice skin related medical issues such as the skin diseases and the aesthetic skin improvement for cosmetic purpose. These doctor also handle surgical related procedure, called the dermatologic laser surgery. Such doctor has extensive training in dermatology subject, has a thorough knowledge of the skin anatomy, histology, structure, its physiological processes and function, its role in diseases behavior, protection and interaction with the other body function. Many diseases of the other system is highly intertwined with the largest organ of the body, the skin.

Most important of all, these doctors know hoe the skin react to the laser–the laser-skin interaction physiology behavior.




Aesthetic Clinic KL

Aesthetic Clinic KL

Aesthetic Clinic KL: Laser hair removal

Aesthetic Clinic KL offers hair removal.

Skin is involved in the synthesis of many vitamins such as vitamin D, protect it from the external hostile forces like the ultra violet rays A and B. It also give mechanical protection and support of the underlying tissues and organs. It has a major role in projection the beauty of the person. Such beauty characters encompasses the skin color, tone, texture, fullness, elasticity and even if the hair should be present in the appropriate places, like the leg, bikini line, armpit, and it will be highly valued in other special area such as the sculpt.

Aesthetic Clinic KL: Laser hair rejuvenation

Aesthetic Clinic KL offers skin rejuvenation.

Here, the low stimulating laser is used to promote circulation and enhance the hair follicles such that it will start to grow more hair.

To the man, the crowning glory is priceless. The man will spend a fortune to get back the lost hair due to the male pattern baldness. Even the lady will do the same to get back the thinning hair.

Skin clinic is therefore playing a very important role in the community. It help us to get back our confidence and improve our job/ career opportunity and the chance of finding our partner.

Aesthetic Clinic KL: Dermatologic laser surgery

Aesthetic Clinic KL offers laser surgery.

Doctor who run the skin clinic may be called the dermatologist, but all the doctors running the skin laser clinic has the knowledge of skin-laser interaction related issues.


Aesthetic Surgeons in Petaling Jaya, PJ & KL, & Aesthetic Clinic KL

Looking for professional Aesthetic Clinic KL, certified, licensed, aesthetic service to erase your sign of aging or beauty related service and product in Malaysia, especially the Klang Valley, you have found and come to the right place. We provide our customer with most reliable, safe, quality and personalized professional expert service.

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