Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain is so common in the middle and elderly ages.

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain or the Pain clinic deals with various acute and chronic pain be it from the traumatic or diseases related or degenerative related pain.

This is a very specialized and niche area of medical services.

This is also the case with the arthritis clinic. With the many countries going through the aging population nation, the task to tackle the arthritis pain is even more greater.

The most common pain that we deal with is the arthritis pain due to degenerative changes brought about by aging. Here, the cartilages of the joint start to wear off. Due to the damages done to the cartilages and the resulting friction on the 2 parts of the moving surfaces, it created the pain.



Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain: PRP stem cell treatment

Arthritis Pain can be reated by the use of PRP stem cell treatment has improved and stop the deterioration of of cartilage being wear off. This helps to improve the quality of life and most of the pain get improves a great deal. The advantage is that you are using your own body cell taken from one body part to treat another damaged or injured body parts.

Arthritis Pain: Knee arthritis and knee pain

Arthritis Pain, the most common of which are the knee arthritis. The knee arthritis is the most common ailment. The most treated procedure done in this clinic is the prp treatment for knee pain.

Arthritis Pain: Other joint pain and arthritis.

Arthritis Pain of other joint other than the knee is very common. These is also commonly done, such as the shoulder pain, ankle pain and the foot pain.

Arthritis Pain: Chronic low backache and prolapsed inter-vertebral disc

Arthritis Pain of the lower back is pretty common. This is equally common among the elderly. Many of these patient can be treated conservatively using a natural healing process by way of prp stem cell treatment.




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