Cosmetic Clinic

Cosmetic Clinic

Any clinic that deal with enhancement of skin, shape, silhouette, may be considered as a cosmetic clinic. However, it is different than a beauty saloon. The former is maned by doctor doing medical related beauty procedure that required deeper understanding of the skin structure and its physiological interaction. In the later, it deals with general beauty procedure that is non invasive and very simple and superficial in nature.

The word cosmetic is more towards the medical related issues and procedures.

Cosmetic clinic is the trend of the recent 2 to 3 decades due to the increased demand of such services from the public. It is also because the beauty saloon is unable to provide such services and the lack of medical knowledge leading to many botched procedures and complications.



Cosmetic Clinic

Cosmetic Clinic

Cosmetic Clinic: Aesthetic clinic & aesthetic doctor

In the medical term, we called this the aesthetic or esthetic clinic. And the doctor that practice this branch of medicine , the aesthetic or esthetic doctor.






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