Eye Clinic

Eye Clinic

Many will think of eye clinic doing the Lasix procedure. Yes, you are right. This is done by the eye surgeon or the ophthalmologist.

Eye Clinic: Aesthetic clinic

The Eye Clinic/aesthetic clinic does mostly about the skin structure surrounding the eye, such as the upper and lower eye lids. Most of these procedure are done for enhancement purpose.




Eye Clinic

Eye Clinic

Eye Clinic: Upper blepharoplasty

Eye Clinic does procedure like Upper blepharoplasty is common among the Caucasian. For the Asian, it is mostly about the creation of eye lid crease called the double eye lid. The sole purpose is for aesthetic appearance. The accepted standard among the Asian  concept of beauty. The double eye lid gives a person a wider eye opening and a more fresh in appearance. This is because not all the Asian has the double eye lid and many of the ladies are dying to have one so as to conform to the accepted norm of beauty. Whereas the Caucasian will all have the double eye lid but their issues is the droopy lid that need fixing.

Eye Clinic: Lower blepharoplasty

Eye Clinic does operation such as the lower blepharoplasty deals with the thinning skin and bulging droopy eye called the eye bag. Here the fat surrounding the eye ball get protruded forwards and together with the weakening of the wall behind the eye bag causes the bag-like structure giving an aging and ugly appearance.




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