Medical Wellness

Medical Wellness

Medical Wellness program has gained more traction in the recent decade. This is because people are having longer life span. In order to avoid the medical bill, it is better to stays healthy. Prevention is better than cure, Not only that it also increase the quality of life (QOL).

Medical Wellness through Screening test

Many Medical Wellness screening center and laboratory are coming into the market due to the great demand. They want to catch the disease in the early phases so that action or remedy can be taken before it has damaged the body organs irreversibly. Many medical programs are tailored for specific problem such as the cancer prevention, slimming program, hair restoration program, detox program.




Medical Wellness

Medical Wellness

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Exercise and good eating and nutrition habit is paramount for Medical Wellness. What goes in is what comes out. Feed the body with good nutrition will help the body in a long way. Obesity is the mother of all diseases. So stay within the normal body weight not only keep you healthy but also keep you a gorgeous look.

Medical Wellness: Obesity

Medical Wellness revolve much around the topic on obesity which is the mother of all illnesses. Any body mass index above 25 is consider obese. However, BMI above 30 is highly obese, above 35 becomes morbidly obese. It is unfortunate that Malaysia has becomes one of the most obese nation not only in ASEAN but also internationally.

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