Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery deal mainly with cleft lip and palate, post burn contracture release, accident amputation and restoration.

Plastic Surgery

Pain Clinic is focused on function restoration rather than the aesthetic.

Definition of Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery helps restore function.

Cosmetic surgery clinic deals with the enhancement of look related surgery and procedure. There is generally no functional deficit of the organ or body parts. The procedure is pure done to improve the cosmetic look of the person. This is different as compared to plastic surgery where the intention is to restore the function lost due to diseases or accident with deformed body part.

It can be said that the cosmetic surgery helps to restore and improve one’s confidence and increase the job hiring opportunity. It also improve the chances of finding one’s partner if they have a serious or severe aesthetic deficit.

Plastic surgery are mostly more aggressive and extensive and are not so life threatening. Most of such procedure are done on an admission basis and requiring patient to overnight or even stays for many days.




Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery & Body part

The various body part involved inPlastic Surgery includes the face, upper and lower eyelid, nose, cheek, chin, ear, jowl line, lips, brow, forehead, neck, arm, thigh, tummy and body line.

Plastic Surgery Procedure

The common procedure done by Plastic Surgery includes the burn contracture release so as to regain the movement range and function of the joint or limbs involved. Also, it helps to restore the function and looks of injured body part after accident or trauma.

Plastic Surgery for Congenital anomaly

Plastic Surgery deal with many of such anomaly includes the cleft lip, cleft palate, deformity of other body parts. Most important is the cleft palate, where the deficit must be repaired as early as possible before the baby learn how to phonate or speak. Any delay may hamper the learning ans speech function.





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