Removal Clinic

Hair Removal Clinic 

these are the clinic specializing in the hair removal from the undesirable area such as the armpit, leg bikini of the lady. However, many men also would like to get them removed from area such as the mustache, beard, sideburns, and even the chest.

Laser and IPL

Laser and the IPL are the most commonly used hi-tech machine for the hair removal. The laser uses the single wavelength light to remove hair by delivering the high energy light pulses to heat up the pigment target of the hair follicles. On the contrary, the IPL is using a broad spectrum of light to heat up the hair follicles.



Removal Clinic

Removal Clinic


It is obvious that laser tends to be more effective and less painful than the IPL for the hair removal especially the course and fine hair.

The IPL is less invasive and is used mainly by the beauty saloon. However, the higher version of the IPL, the so called class 4 IPL is mainly used by the clinic.

Hair life cycle

the hair growth is going through the 3-phases cycle called the anagen, catagen and telogen.

  • Anagen is the growth phase and can vary in duration and last up to 3 years. At any given time, the majority of the hair is at the anagen phase (80-85%). Most of the hair becomes a good target for removal during the late anagen phase when its pigment is at its highest.
  • the Catagen is also called the regression phase, is generally last up to 3 weeks.
  • The telogen can last up to 3 months, is the sleeping phase. During this phase, the hair cannot be removed as it does not has any melanin to be picked up as target for heating.








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