Dr Grace Low

Dr Grace Low has been practicing as an aesthetic doctor for more than 20 years since 1997.

Dr Grace Low Aesthetic Dr

Dr Grace Low YockNgan is a recipient of the YayasanTuanku Abdul Rahman Foundation to study medicine at the University of Andalas, Indonesia. Dr Grace Low was also a successful recipient of Kuok Foundation to study medicine. She held strong leadership roles in her youth, as the head school prefect, president of various extracurricular societies and editor of the Chinese section of the school magazine. Upon graduation, Dr Grace Low served in various capacities at several government hospitals including the Kuala Lumpur  General Hospital, Lau King How Hospital, Sibu General Hospital as well as Pontian Hospital.



Dr Grace Low

Dr Grace Low is a well known & experienced Dr in aesthetic clinic practice.

Dr Grace Low is a former vice president for the Spa &Wellness Industry Association of Malaysia, Dr Grace Low is frequently invited to speak during various health promotion campaigns for diabetes, breast cancer screening, and healthy lifestyle for both adults and students. She is also a prolific speaker for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Wellness on local radio stations and often serves as a live interpreter for English to Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia for health and medical events.

Dr Grace Low practices as an aesthetic Dr  is a certified, licensed and very experienced aesthetician since 1998. She does all the laser, skin diseases treatment, acne, peel, filler, mesotheraphy, slimming and other skin whitening injection.