Hot Selling Surgery

Every center usually has a list of Hot Selling Surgery.

Hot Selling Surgery

Hot Selling Surgery is a list of most commonly performed procedures done in this clinic.

Dr David Ling and Dr Grace Low and team have accumulated 40 years of aesthetic experiences in various areas like the Aesthetic medicine, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic surgery, stem cell and prp procedure, and anti-aging medicine.

Among all these areas and procedures, there is popular list and hottest sell-able procedures that changes with the time and trend. Currently, the hottest list may be listed as below.

PRP and stem cell therapy for knee pain osteoarthritis are some Hot Selling Surgery

Hot Selling Surgery of these 2 procedures are more of a medical therapy for a disease, the knee OA, than a aesthetic treatment. This is because as we deal with stem cell for aesthetic use, it can be applied for treating injury to soft tissue such as ligament tear, muscle tear, tendon tear in accident, accidental forceful movement causing sprain. These is popularly used for sports injury as professional sportsman need to return back to track and field event soonest. PRP speed up recovery to perhaps 10 times faster in term of speed of healing. Furthermore, in degenerative osteoarthritis in the older people, knee OA is the most common, followed by ankle OA, foot and hand joints pain, fasciitis, bursitis, golfer elbow, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, hip OA.

Skin Whitening treatment as Hot Selling Surgery list

This is very popular among the Asian lady, as Hot Selling Surgery. They are crazy for fairer skin. They will try various cream, injectable skin whitening , supplement etcetera. We work to suppress the melanin synthesis pathway. The best is to block the pathway at multiple site and as far up the origin as possible to give it the best effect. As this is a physiological block, we have treat it regularly for at least 2 weeks before we can see a result.

Double eye lid as a Hot Selling Surgery

Hot Selling Surgery also includes the Non-surgical double eye lid creation is popular among the teens. If there is too much of fat underneath the eye lid or if the skin is too thick, the better option will be surgical creation call upper blepharoplasty.

Eye bag removal as a Hot Selling Surgery

Hot Selling Surgery includes eye bag surgery. This is very popular in the man and lady. In the early stage, it can be done with no scar on the outside as this is done internally when the skin is not lax. In the advanced case, we can do it externally called trans-cutaneous approach.

Hot Selling Surgery include Tear trough correction

Hot Selling Surgery has tear trough injection done. This is done non –surgically with a filler trying to even out the depression and gives a visual illusion of disappearance of eye bag.

Hot Selling Surgery include Non-surgical face lift

Hot Selling Surgery includes non-surgical face lift. This is done with barbed thread to pull and lift up the skin. There is no down time and easily acceptable to the market than a classical face lift.

Rhinoplasty as a Hot Selling Surgery

Hot Selling Surgery includes nose job. This may be done non-surgically with laying of multiple thread or surgically with implant and cartilages.

Anti-wrinkle as a Hot Selling Surgery

Hot Selling Surgery includes anti wrinkle treatment. This is very popular for both dynamic and non-dynamic wrinkle using Botox or filler.

Face shaping as a Hot Selling Surgery

Face shaping is another Hot Selling Surgery. This is done to make an oval shaped face line using trimming of jowl line, the cheek and sharpening of the chin to gives the face of one third proportion in all aspect.

Body shaping as a Hot Selling Surgery

Body shaping as another Hot Selling Surgery. This is about shaping for droopy breast, or enlarging a small breast, liposuction to trim down the pot belly, tummy tuck to take out unwanted skin, firming the droopy wing-like flappy arm, sculpting a sexier body silhouette with slimmer leg and thigh through liposuction.

Hair treatment as a Hot Selling Surgery

Hot Selling Surgery includes hair treatment.

Hair implant for male pattern baldness to restore the crowning glory of man; eyelashes transplant for life, brow implant for reshaping, mustache a macho look.

Trip to Korean cosmetic surgery as hottest in Hot Selling Surgery list

Hot Selling Surgery commonly involve travelling to korea as a exotic destination. Popular among population crazy for the holiday and extreme makeover in Korean as the Korean pop culture has hit the Malaysian scene.