Anti aging

Anti aging means to slows down aging rather than to reverse or stop aging. Anti aging is more for the physical body aging rather than the mind or spirit. In order to achieve this, the main area to take care are the diet and nutrition, and the exercise and fitness, and the relaxation and rest.

A good nutrition will go a long way to help the body to get rid of unwanted free radical and to excrete the toxic substances. Exercise help to tone up body and help the release the natural body hormones that helps to repair and rebuild damaged tissues. The third is to get adequate rest and free from stress.


Anti Aging

Anti Aging: the perfect way to achieve it naturally.




Anti aging: Diet and nutrition

Anti aging is highly dependent on factor like diet and nutrition. All the food nutrient are categorized into macro- micro- and trace element or nutrients. Macro-nutrient are the carbohydrate, fat and proteins that are very basic unit of body building and energy supply.  Most of the micro- and trace elements are functioning like the antioxidants and fight against the free radical. This is much like the analogy of army contingent fighting the enemy.

Anti aging: Exercise and fitness

Anti aging can run away from doing a reasonable amount of exercise daily. Exercise helps to improve circulation and build up cardio-pulmonary reserve. It improve circulation to every single cells supplying the much needed oxygen and nutrients and take away the carbon dioxide and toxins to be excreted by the sweat gland, the kidney, or the liver. Exercise also builds up stamina and muscle bulk, improve the locomotion, reflexes and response time.

Anti aging: Relaxation and free from stress

Anti aging requires a correct mindset, knowing how to do relaxation to live a stress free life. Stress build up cortisol and this is catabolic in nature , breaking down everything in the body. A life free from stress therefore helps to repair and build up body.





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