Body Aesthetic

The Body Aesthetic is mostly about restoring the sexy body silhouette curve.



Body Aesthetic

Body Aesthetic: Serdev Lift for Face and Body Lift




Body Aesthetic Featuring Types of Body Curve

Body Aesthetic is about body curve. The front curve is about the fullness of breast profile for lady, and pectoral shaping for male. The back curvature is about the full uplifted buttock for lady minus the banana folds. The side silhouette is about the concave love handle and smooth convex hip lines.

Body Aesthetic Introducing Parts of body affected

Body Aesthetic involves all body parts. Due to the aging process, the declining growth hormone, the fat starts to accumulate around the waist causing the disappearing love handle. The sliding of the hip tissue cause indentation giving a squarish boxed appearance. The droopy breast is not helping either due to pregnancy and breast feeding. The buttock droop giving a flattish buttock and an extra banana folds. The thigh of lady generally becomes bulkier due to fat accumulation.

Body Aesthetic: The solution

Body Aesthetic major component involves breast augmentation. The beast needs an implant for smaller breast, or a lift, or a reduction for over-developed breast.

The spare Tyre appearing causing the disappearance of love handle and the pot belly can best be treated by liposuction and sculpture.

The buttock can be remedied by implant or a fat transfer for augmentation and lifting.

The thigh will require a liposuction too.



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