Cancer Prevention is not impossible. A correct lifestyle and diet habit will go a long way to your rescue.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention is getting more attention from the young and old alike.

Cancer Prevention is the necessary living skill you can’t afford to miss

Cancer Prevention is necessary because of increased life expectancy where more people gets the cancer. This is a skill you can not afford not to have if ever you want to live a quality life to enjoy your money. The food, water, drink or juice that are presented to you every single moment is fraud with cancer causing agent that permeate our environment and food. This is called the carcinogens. All preserved food contain additives that are not health friendly to your body. These highly processed and preserved food were meant for us to keep for rainy day when during the old day, when the food harvesting may be poor during certain seasons. However, if you ever want to eat toxin free, and carcinogen free diet, it is best to take naturally grown foodstuff that are really organic in nature. A healthy body will definitely guarantee you a radiant face full of aesthetically pleasing looks.


Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention: Changing Moles: Irregular Border Mole Indicate Possibly cancerous transformation.Cancerous Melanoma





Cancer Prevention: The sources of carcinogens

Cancer Prevention necessitate to exclusion of cancer causing agent from your life, be diet or the air we breath. This unwanted agent gets into our food chain at various levels. During cultivation, the fertilizer itself and the pesticide used; during harvesting, preservative used to ensure lasting storage; during marketing, again the dye used to make it attractive to the consumer to buy; during processing and cooking, again using of preservative; then during storage before consumption, other agents are used to make it taste great to your taste bud so that you will not forget how good it taste, so that you will come back for more.

Many of such consumer are also confronted with infertility both in the female as well as the male. The incidence is on the rise. There is no indication that it is abating.




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