Aesthetic Medicine offers listing of various conditions and how best each treatment can solve a problem.

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine here offers solution through has all the knowledge and information on aesthetic medicine that can treat all the problems and conditions of the cosmetic issues. These includes the various procedures, and surgeries, PRP & stem cell therapy, slimming and body sculpting, tummy skin tightening, face lifting, breast lifting, buttock lifting, laser skin treatment and rejuvenation, blemish removal, whitening treatment, acne control, use of filler to fill out defect and restore youthful contour, scar, anti-wrinkle…..Dr David Ling has 20 years of experience in aesthetic medicine. Dr Grace Low has also accumulated 20 years in aesthetic practice

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine: Blackhead in Acne

These problems include the acne, acne scar, rough skin, dark skin, wrinkle, fold, sagging skin, sunken contour, over blown body silhouette, lost sexy curvy body line, pigmentation and blemishes, hairy body part, etc. can will remedied through various cosmetic surgery and procedure. In the case where there is no such problem, the customer may still demand modification of body part to meet certain preconceived notion of beauty. This include missing double eyelids in oriental lady, absent nose bridge, shorter chin, too big a jowl line, missing abdominal 6-packs can all be achieved through recreation surgery.



Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine: Liposuction & tummy tuck for perfect body contour


Aesthetic Medicine: Sagging droopy body parts

Aesthetic Medicine offers solution for Sagging breast and with lost volume after child birth and breast feeding can be augmented. Too big can also be trimmed to lesser size. Well, we are just too vain, and want to get a perfect look. Be it lady or man, it is no longer secret, and we all want to go for the best. This man are called metro-sexual male. The male going for the procedure has been on the steady rise, and make up some 30- 40 % of the treatment cohort.

Aesthetic Medicine: Gender aesthetic

Aesthetic Medicine has a new targeted area such as gender aesthetic address issues of the genitalia treatment to trim off extra-large labia, or to tighten the vulvae/vaginal opening after childbirth. For the guy, some go for enlarging or lengthening the penile size and length.

Hair loss or inadequate eyelash can now be treated using folicular-unit transplant,FUT, graft technique and technology.