Acne is the most common problem encountered by the youth, either male or female. It create a lot of psychological stress.

Acne  Introduction

Acne incidence

Acne in medical term, and pimple in layman term, is a wide ranging issues in our society. It affect 7 in 10 people, more still among man than compared to lady.



Acne incidence and prevalence is very high among the population, centered mostly during teenager year from the onset of puberty.


Acne Age group

Acne problem affect mostly the puberty group, starting 11 to 13 for boy, and 13 to 14 for girl. This will go all the way from teenager year till adulthood. Some of them get better after adolescent, other get worst off and never really get better.

Seriousness of Acne

Acne is considered a disease. It never get cured but only get controlled if you can follow the program by avoiding the causative factor. It can be so serious that it disturb the affected teenager psychologically. Some of them are so disturbed that they tend to stay away from their friend, decreasing the social contact.

Causes of acne

There is a host of speculation as to what really cause pimple/Acne. Some claim it to be the genetic, food, diet, stress, and sugar, lack of exercise or sleep.

Acne Prevention

The best prevention strategy of Acne is to know what provoke the breakout and avoid those factors.

Acne Treatment

For the mild cases Acne, just buy some OTC medication will suffice. For the more serious, see a doctor is essential to prevent any complication such as scaring.

Acne Maintenance treatment

Once the acne is controlled, it is a good policy to follow the maintenance therapy as advised by the doctor.