Acne Cure

Acne Cure if can be successful will do wonder but ance can only be controlled.

Acne Cure

Acne Cure is seeking a solution to cure acne. This is just an illusion.

There is no cure for acne as such. However, there is a treatment to control for acne successful. Acne is a disease that comes and go. You can only control it but never a cure. So in a way, you are managing a dynamic problem. Today you may be fully controlled but failure to maintain the treatment may trigger a new wave of breakout. In this way the battle is a constant one until the teenager graduated to become an adult where the androgen surge stabilised.

So any one trying to say a medication or a diet, supplement, skin care, vitamin, face mask or a regime can cure the acne disease is certainly not true.


Acne Cure

Acne Cure is by medication, especially the moderate to severe type. There are medications that are friendly for consumption.


Acne Cure: Causes of Acne /Pimple

There are people claiming that certain diet can cure acne, while cutting off other. This may impose a long list of forbidden food and is not healthy. No studies have convincingly proven beyond doubt that diet alone can stop or cause acne. If it will the case then everyone taking chocolate will have acne, and those that don’t take will not get acne. We know this is simply not the case. The causes of acne is multi-factorial. Playing around a single factor is not strong enough to cure the acne.

Acne Cure: Mechanism of high glycemic diet causing breakout

—breakout is caused by through provoking androgen release

Acne Cure is One that is for sure, form the studies available shows that high glycemic food causes rapid spike of insulin and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which provoke the androgen secreting and release. This causes acne breakout. Therefore, avoiding such food, and instead taking low glycemic diet and lean protein do not provoke androgen release and hence can control acne breakout. Not only is this, in general, a high glycemic food not good for health. Long term exposure to high glycemic food is thought to cause various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Acne Cure: Cure of Pimple

There is only one treatment that comes close to a cure. The use of isotretinoin or Accutane, even after it stopped, manage to put acne under control in most cases. However, in some, they suffer recurrence.

Acne Cure: OTC medication

For mild acne, OTC medication is sufficient. For more serious acne, proper maintenance of prescription medication is necessary to prevent future breakout of eruption. Skin care cream is a must to maintain a healthy skin from getting new breakout, complications, prevent infection and scar, avoiding unnecessary scar surgery.