Acne Marks

Acne Marks has high possibility to end up with some kind of scar.

Acne marks

Acne marks come about after acne eruption. It is a complication of infected and rupture acne deep in the dermis and beyond.


Acne Mark

Acne Mark is the result of Acne Eruption followed by follicular unit rupture.


Types of acne marks

The acne marks as the name suggest bears the marking and the sequelae of acne breakout. Such a mark can be just an acne blemish or acne scaring that is formed.

Acne blemishes is the discoloration of the sequel of deeply infected acne. When the initial acne is infected, the infected sebum inside the sebaceous or the hair follicle distend towards the depth of the lesion due to the blockage of the sebaceous duct or fair follicle.

When it reach a point where the force of distension is big enough to push or burst through the lining of the duct, it further infect the surrounding tissue of the deep dermis beyond the rete dermis or even into the subcutaneous tissue, it forms a discoloration, which we call acne blemishes. This ruptured wound will create a new scar which is generally big and deep.

Early treatment of acne mark/blemish

If this pus lying outside of ruptured lining is quickly evacuated or drained, the blemishes disappear quickly and scar tend not to be formed. Therefore, it is imperative that we get this infected and complicated acne breakout treated early by qualified aesthetic doctor, or dermatologist or aesthetic surgeon.

Acne Marks: Actual scar formation after inadequately treated blemish

The second type of the acne marks is the actual acne scar. This blemish mark is more permanent due to untreated acne complication where the ruptured lining release the pus deep into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.