Acne Scar Causes

Acne Scar Causes help to spell out the reason of the scar formation after the acne eruption.

Acne Scar causes

Acne Scar Causes is brought about by the bursting of acne pustule deep inside the dermis.

There is no doubt that what the causes of acne in the first place indirectly also causes the acne scar.



Acne Scar Causes

Acne Scar Causes: the starting of causing a scar is from the point of burst follicular unit, unless treated promptly.



Acne Scar Causes: Scar is the result of a wound, burst acne pustule

Acne Scar Causes is the result of bust pustule that is left to heal without evacuation of pus inside the deep dermis. If the pus is evacuated fast enough, there may not be any scaring at all.

Wound in superficial dermis do not cause scaring after healing. Wound in the deep dermis, deeper than the rete dermis causes scaring. Wound result after the distended sebaceous duct or the hair follicle get blocked causing the deeper part of the tube ruptured forming a mini wound. This wound upon healing will have a scar. The releasing pus after rupture into the surrounding cause inflammation, worsening the scaring.


Scar result after follicular unit rupture deeper than rete-dermis: Acne Scar Causes

Acne Scar Causes happen when acne pustule burst is deeper than the rete-dermis.

So the scar is the result of wound created after follicular duct unit rupture. Scar is also the result of inflammatory response to invading bacteria, releasing host of cytokines, which in terms draw in other white blood cell further damaging the wound. In other word, scar is the direct result of wound created in deep dermis and beyond. Whatever causes the acne eruption will cause scar indirectly.

Causes of acne outbreak: Acne Scar Causes

Acne Scar Causes that is due to acne outbreak is caused directly by another factor. It is the androgen that is acting on the oil gland directly causing it to over-secrete oil that block itself out.

The immediate causes of acne is the androgen surge. Any factors causes androgen surges is the indirect causes.

Lean protein, fish and low glycaemic food do not stimulate increase of androgen like the high glycaemic food. Thus they do not cause pimple eruption or breakout.