Acne Scar Complications

Acne Scar Complications can be fully reversed if adequate treatment is instituted early/fast enough. For most of the time it entail evacuatio of the burst pustule pus.

Acne Scar complications

Acne Scar Complications give the most headache for those acne eruption that are not adequately treated.

Acne Scar complications is result of untreated/inadequately treated bursting follicular unit

Acne scaring complications are very common after the acne eruption. If the complication are not treated early, it may cause worsening from mild to severe scaring. The resultant disfiguration on the face or body can cause devastation on the developing adolescence. It affects the psychology the most causing low mood, anxiety and self-esteem. If not surgically treated or counselled properly, it can brings about depression and in the most severe form, even the suicidal thought.



Acne Scar Complications

Acne Scar Complications is the result of untreated acne, inadequately treated, wrongly treated problem. It can be compliance issue due the patient themselves as well. Seen here are cases of keloid formation, a severe scaring of the acne.

Acne Scar Complications: Classification of scar severity

Acne Scar Complications can be graded according to the degree of severity.

Scar is classified as mild, moderate and severe. The more severe it is, the deeper is the impact on the patient’s psychology. Scar causes pitting appearance in an otherwise smooth and fair skin.

Acne Scar Complications: Arresting the scar progression

Acne Scar Complications can be stopped at the early stages of the complication.

Complications can be arrested by administering triamcinolone injection at the Acne vulgaris spot or apply the silicone cream. Sebum secretion modifying agent such as the isotretinone will also help. Of course, the most effective is still the injectable traimcenolone acetate compound.

Acne scar stopped to progress any further after treatment of burst follicular duct unit.