Acne Scar Natural Treatment

Acne Scar Natural Treatment is widely practiced by the older folks. Much folklore has to tell about its origin.

Acne Scar Natural Treatment 

Acne Scar Natural Treatment usually entail the use of more user friendly modality yet is safe, economical and effective.

Acne Scar Natural Treatment: Acne Scar Home Remedy

Acne Scar Natural Treatment is mostly about carrying out treatment by oneself, at the home.

Many of us first think of home remedy because it is supposed to be the first line of option available. Not only that it is handy, accessible, cheap, and most importantly we think it is likely to be natural remedy option. It must be safe and may or may not be so effective.

Commonly used agent includes the use of egg white applied locally but the effect is variable. Others use lime juice rubbed over the scar area. This may help to exfoliate the outer layer is effective for mild scar.

Many a time we buy the over-the-counter medication for home remedy. Commonly used includes silicone gel for home use. This may be applied over the local lesion soon after eruption. The use of mild OTC steroid cream is supposed to help decrease the inflammatory response. The percentage used is typically very low compared to injectable which is delivered directly into the depth of the lesion where scar healing process taking place. Surface applied steroid do not penetrate that well into the full thickness of the true skin.

All said, the home remedy is not that really effective especially for moderate to severe scar. Here, one has no choice but resort to more aggressive clinical treatment.