Causes of Acne

Deciphering the Causes of Acne and avoiding these causes is the root to the prevention or the control, and even a smarter way in instituting the treatment regime.

Causes of Acne

There are so many factors on Causes of Acne postulated,  to cause acne.

Causes of Acne: Non modifiable causes

Some are non-modifiable factors/Causes of Acne such as the age, sex and genetic makeup. Adolescence period will have increased androgen surge both in female but especially so in male. This created increased sebaceous gland activity causing increased sebum and oil production. Any clogging of sebaceous gland pore which opens into the hair follicle will cause the underlying bacteria to proliferate causing severe infection.



Causes of Acne

Causes of Acne: Acne Causative Tree. modifiable and non-modifiable factors.



Causes of Acne: Modifiable causes

Other are modifiable factors or Causes of Acne such as the food and diet that we consume, staying physical active, and the lifestyle and habit that we adopt.

Food and Diet aggravate acne Lifestyle aggravate acne
Spicy food Lack of regular bowel movement
Fried food Stressful life
Oily food Lack of sleep
Starchy food Lack of hygiene
Sweet food high in sugar content Alcohol consumption
Chocolate Cigarette smoking
Lack of water intake Clogged sebum pore
Lack of vegetable intake Blackhead
Lack of fruit intake Lack of adequate exercise
Dairy product

The fruit and vegetables help in the bowel movement regularly. This is due to the rich fiber it contain. Plenty of water consumption helps the kidneys to excrete unwanted toxin more easily, and cleanse the body system. Decrease milk and dairy product is thought to decrease acne problem.

However, all said, a balanced diet is the best. Take a little of every types of food so that you don’t becomes a health freak, that spoil our quality of life and enjoyment of food.

Causes of Acne: also causes acne scar

The factors or Causes of Acne, that causes the acne will also causes the acne scar formation and its complication if it is not adequately treated.