Tips for Clear Skin

Tips for Clear Skin should be disseminated as an essential general information critical in helping the youth overcome the fear of pimple.

Tips for Clear Skin 

Knowing the Tips for Clear Skin will help you a long way.

Tips for Clear Skin: Medication is unavoidable for treatment & maintenance

In the Tips for Clear Skin, the cardinal rule is not to reject medication as the most effective treatment for those afflicted with severe grad acne/pimple.

With those burdensome acne breakout now and again, it must have been disappointing to you. However, do not despair as there is hope to treat and control acne by following the necessary action. For mild breakout, a simple OTC is able to do the job. With more serious breakout, you need to follow a proper prescription medication to keep acne at bay. Failure to do so will end up with even more difficult to handle acne scar.



Tips for Clear Skin

Tips for Clear Skin: Take plenty of fruits &vegetables.


Tips for Clear Skin: Simple washing hygiene, three times daily

In the Tips for Clear Skin, the simplest and yet effective prevention is by washing your oily face frequently. This should be at least 3 times a day.

A simple regime of washing your face at least twice a day, once in the morning before make up, and the other in the night, by removing all makeup completely. This is to be followed by a non-greasy moisturizer or night cream before sleep.

It is important to wash the pillowcase regularly as the greasy covering where the face comes into contact might contain the dirt and bacteria. Simple hygiene like this will go a long way to help decrease the acne problem.

Tips for Clear Skin: Diet is important, balanced diet

In the Tips for Clear Skin, diet form an integral part of your armament against pimple eruption.

While the sugary and carbohydrate diet do not exactly cause the acne, it is beyond doubt that high glycemic diet brings about spiking of insulin and IGF-1, both of which provoke release of androgen. The androgen, such as the testosterone ramp up oil production and irregular rapid cell exfoliation thereby blocking the drainage of oil. The blockage and superimposed bacterial infection cause the acne breakout. Not only this, a high glycemic diet is not good for the general health in the long run, such as it can cause diabetes and obesity. So it is worth to take a good care of your diet. Avoid wherever possible the sweet, pastry, white bread, rice, potato and noodle.

Tips for Clear Skin: Stress be avoided

Tips for Clear Skin, the lifestyle changes is important by avoiding any stress. Do not underestimate this not minor factor.

Although there have been no concrete study to prove that stress actually cause the acne outbreak. However, learning the skill to distress is good for general health. If staying less stressful do help to reduce the acne outbreak, consider it a bonus. The stress of school work and the job can be daunting. Stay cool by doing meditation, yoga and exercise.

Tips for Clear Skin: Don’t poke the face with dirty hand

In the simplest Tips for Clear Skin, do not pick/poke with your dirty hand.

With the new breakout, it is tempting to poke and scratch as it is irritatingly itchy or pain in some case. This is because when you squeeze, the debris inside the depth of the follicular unit might burst, creating a mini wound, and releasing the bacteria into the surrounding deep dermis and subcutaneous tissue this create inflammation and thereby the acne blemish. Similarly, the mini wound when healed will create scar. The best option is to take necessary medication or other urgent treatment like steroid jab for bad acne vulgaris.

Tips for Clear Skin: Counselling and support for the psychologically affected

Tips for Clear Skin, seek a counselor if you are unable to overcome it all by yourself.

If the acne breakout is disturbing you unnecessarily, consider speaking to the school counselor to get emotional support. Do not keep to yourself and staying away from social activity. It is quite normal to get acne breakout in teenager year. The good news is that the acne is absolutely can be treated and put under control, if and only if you consider the necessary medication, be oral or application.