Age Spot

Age Spot is one of the most difficult and troublesome blemish to treat.

Age spot

Age Spot is one of the most common blemishes.

Age sport or spots are pigmented area of the skin. They are also called by various other names such as

  • lentigens,
  • lentigo, and
  • freckles.


Age Spot: Causes of age spot

Age Spot has a numerous causative factors.

One single most important factor is damage by penetrating sun ray.

  • outdoor lifestyle. Has longer hours of exposure to the sun, meaning UVA and UVB ultraviolet ray.
  • not using sunblock while outdoor. It is supposed to help the skin while outdoor.
  • chronological aging. Most freckle appears on elderly skin even if they get lesser exposure to the sun.
  • less skincare usage. the use of whitening cream can maintain a fairer skin without pigment.
  • genetic and ethnicity.
  • nutrition and diet
  • smoker. With thousand of free radical in the cigarette, it helps to speed up aging of the body, skin included.


Age Spot: Caucasian Versus Asian in getting age spot

Age Spot is much more frequent and present in most Caucasian skin due to the fact that they sunbath. The Asian hadly love the sun, especially for those in the equatorial area.

This is usually arise from the prolonged sun exposure. Hence, areas that are frequently exposed to the sun tends to get age spot. And this conditions appear on the face, forearm, legs and trunk, especially for the European, the Caucasian who love the sunbath. It is not so much in a problem in young Asian as they prefer to stays away from the sun. But Asian get it much later than the Caucasian counterpart.

What one need to take a special note is that the age spot is not so much due to the age, although one is supposed to have accumulated total hours of sun exposure the older they are. In the Caucasian, the age spot also appears in the teenager as they sunbath so much.

Age spot

Age spot is common due to sun exposure.


Age spot occurs concomitantly with wrinkle

Therefore, the arrival of the age spot signals the fact that this skin have been exposed for long hours to UVA and UVB sun-ray. It is only correct to say that the dermis collagen have been equally damaged from the sun-rays. As the collagen is lost from the dermis, the skin thickness is lost, the collagen is lost making the skin thinner, and getting closer to the muscle underlying it, and hence it becomes easy to be wrinkled.

Now, one can say that sun spot or age spot occurs concurrently with the wrinkle. Both of these signify the arrival of an aging skin.

Age spot

Age spot: is common in sunbath individual not using sunblock.



Age Spot

Age Spot: Sunblock SPF 25 or more is a good prevention for freckle.


Age Spot: Real case study

Age Spot real case study is presented here for clarity of understanding the topic.

During one of my holiday trip in the Gold Coast. On that particular day, which was very sunny as it was during the beginning of the summer holiday season, I saw a beautiful teenage girl from afar. She has a good clear complexion on her whole body as she was clad only with a bikini. Her fair skin complexion must be the envy of most girls and make no hesitation that she looks very attractive. However, to my surprise as I walked nearer to her, I could see clearly the light brown pigmentation called age spots was present all over her body against the reddish skin after a full day of sun exposure is understandable. The skin look very dry and clearly the small wrinkle could also been seen.

One can fathom that with such a rate of sunbathing, she will soon get an aging skin much sooner than her age that belies her.

Age Spot: Prevention & treatment

To avoid Age Spot is the top priority in most Asian lady who seeks to have a crystal clear and snow-white skin. It is not so much for the Caucasian whose skin is already white.

Avoid sun rays or at least use sun block if one must go outdoor. Treat using anti-wrinkle, fillers, peel, whitening therapy to help restore collagen, face lift to restore position, vampire lift to restore both volume and skin texture and color. In this way it may help to get rid of age spot.