Big Waist

Big Waist

Big Waist is mostly caused by the fat deposition in the abdomen. Most of this is the visceral fat that spells doom for the healthy body.


Big Waist also contribute to the apple shaped body forms. Causes are:

  • The single most important factor causing the bigger waist is due to the fat accumulation around the belly. Worst still, it means excess fat collection around the internal organs inside the belly. All this fat cause a ballooning effect, or an appearance of a spare tyre around your waist.
  • less genetically endowed. Sorry for them.
  • aging as a cause. From beer belly as a result of fat accumulation
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • less exercise
  • eating more than energy expenditure
Big Waist

Big Waist: a man healthy Waist Hip Ratio is 1.0 or less, that for lady is 0.85 or less. That is to say, higher than this means higher fat content. This lady has a pear shaped waist-hip ratio.




Big Waist

Big Waist: a man healthy Waist Hip Ratio is 1.0 or less, that for lady is 0.85 or less. That is to say, higher than this means higher fat content.



Big Waist

Big Waist: this lady has an apple shaped waist-hip ratio that is to say, the ratio is more than 0.85. This a reversal of a pear shaped trunk.



Big Waist: Shape of waist

Big Waist gies rise to different shaped body.

The accumulated fat around the waist is an accurate indicator of an overall health status.

Big Waist: Apple shape

Big Waist with fat deposit cause an apple shaped body.

When waist circumference is larger than the hip gives rise to a shape of an apple, which is spherical, round in shape. It means larger upper part of abdomen compared to the hip circumference.

Big Waist: Pear shape

Big Waist when is small shows minimal fat deposit, hence, a pear shaped body.

When the waist line is smaller than the hip circumference, it gives an appearance of a pear. It is larger on the lower part, called the hip.

Big Waist: The magic number

Big Waist has a reference number for man and woman.

Do the mathematically division. Divide the waist line circumference by the hip circumference, you will get a number. This number is called Waist-Hip Ratio. A healthy number for a female is 0.85 or less.

A healthy number for male is 1.0 or less.

So, more than 0.85 for lady, and 1.0 for man, will indicates a higher than average risk for metabolic syndrome and inevitably the future risk for diabetes (type 2), coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension etc….

Big Waist: Implication

Big Waist shows nadly on the prospect for a healthy body.

Excess fat cause impaired sugar metabolism. Hence, the metabolic syndrome. It decreases the insulin receptor sensitivity to the released insulin causing insulin resistance. Hence, the beta cell of the pancreas  need to work harder until burnt out. Then, the arrival of diabetes.

Furthermore, the fat has a nasty habit of converting the testosterone of the man into estrogen, causing a lost of essential manhood hormone. This causes him to be easily tired, lack of energy and daytime sleepiness. Worst is lost of libido and interest in sex.  Hence, in anti aging, it is essential to maintain a healthy Waist-Hip Ratio or Body Mass Index (BMI).


Big Waist: Treatment

Big Waist can be treated conservatively.


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