Birthmarks occur quite frequently. They can be make up of various colors such as grey, black, red, pink etc.


Birthmarks is a common occurrence, many of them disappear without treatment as they grows up while others remain which need treatment in order to clear.




Birthmarks: Congenital Nevi Also Called The Mole, Need monitoring as it May Turn into Melanoma, the Most Malignant Skin Cancer.


It is estimated that a third of all newborn babies are born with birthmarks. Some of these birthmarks gradually disappear as one grows older but some persists throughout the years. Some birthmarks can be an eyesore especially if they appear in the visible body parts especially the face.

Birthmarks: Causes

Birthmarks are normally present at birth or soon afterward.

The root cause of the development of birthmarks is not clearly known but is believed that these marks comes about is that it could be due to genetic inheritance and environmental effects that takes place during the pregnancy. These marks give the people psychological stress as the kids grows up. People, who have obvious looking birth marks that come in different color, shapes and types, seek remedy to have them removed and to have better skin appearance.

These marks are basically categorized in to 2 main groups:

  • which is the red birthmarks and
  • Pigmented birthmarks.

When blood vessels comes well up close to the skin, it results in red birth mark due to the blood flowing beneath it. Pigmented birthmarks are caused by buildup of color pigments to the top of the skin.


Different Types of Birthmarks

There are various type of red birthmarks as listed below.

  • Macular stains Birthmarks also known as ‘angel’s kisses
  • Hemangiomas  Birthmarks which constitutes of the blood vessels being seen near the skin surface causing a bright red patch. These marks vanish on when pressure is applied, or it blanch on pressure. Haemangiomas are difficult to treat. The smaller vessels pathology response well to the treatment. The larger vessels don’t response that well. The larger the vessels, the colour is less red, becoming dull red instead.
  • Port wine stains that loom pink or purple and appear around the legs, face and eyelids and will bleed easily if cut or if injured. The cause of Port Wine Stain, PWS, is due to the clustering of capillaries beneath the skin. As the capillaries are the smallest of the blood vessel, it response well to the laser treatment.
  • Venous or Arterial-Venous malformation

The pigmented birthmarks include the:


Treating Birthmarks

These Birthmarks can be treated through a number of ways for aesthetic improvement including laser treatments.

  1. Laser treatment of Birthmarks tends to be the most effective treatment of all.
  2. The yellow laser treatments are a great way to deal with these pigments of Birthmarks as they can cause coagulation to the blood vessels which is causing the problem, without damaging the normal skin. These are commonly used to treat hemangiomas.
  3. Cyrotherapy is also done to treat birthmarks. It involves freezing off the pigments but could cause scarring.
  4. Surgical removal is also an option many will take depending on the extent of the birthmark.
  5. Injection of corticosteroids to deal with Birthmarks like hemangiomas that are rapidly developing is also common. These can also be administered orally.