Black Birthmark Removal

Black Birthmark Removal is nowadays possible as compared to 2-3 decades ago where laser technology were not available.

Black Birthmark Removal

Black Birthmark Removal are mostly done by pigment laser such as the q switched NdYag laser.

Birthmark can be classified into 2 types:

The pigmented type includes the congenital nevi or the mole, the Mongolian spot, Café Au Lait spot, and the Nevus of Ota.





Black Birthmark Removal

Black Birthmark Removal: Birthmark: Nevus Of Ota BEFORE Laser Birthmark Removal.

Black Birthmark Removal

Black Birthmark Removal: Nevus Of Ota AFTER Laser Birthmark Removal.

Black Birthmark Removal: Mole

Black Birthmark Removal for mole is easy. Although mole is not exactly considered as birthmark but many layman mistaken this.

Congenital nevus, also called the congenital melanocytic nevus, is simply a type of melanocytic nevus, or simply called the mole is found in the new born, the infant.


The incidence is about 1% occurring in the infant.


This lesion is usually located in the head and the neck in 15% of the time. They may occur in anywhere in the body.


It appear as light brown in the fair-skinned, black in the darker skinned


It comes in all shape and sizes. May be irregular in shape and is usually flat or could be raised and looks lumpy.


Black Birthmark Removal: Mongolian spot

Black Birthmark Removal for Mongolian spot is easier by using pigment laser.

The Mongolian blue spot is a dermal melanocytosis. It is a flat, benign and congenital birthmark. The border is irregular and wavy in outline.


This is mostly found in East Asian and the Turkic people. This is why it is named as Mongolian.

Course of growth

It usually disappear by the age of 3 to 5 year old. It certainly disappear by puberty if still present after 5.


Usually blue, can be blue-gray, blue-black and even dark or deep brown.


The Mongolian spot occurs exclusively on the skin. The color is due to the color producing cell, the melanocyte, situated deep in the skin, the dermis.

It appear as multiple spot or as a single large patch. The spot is located and cover many lumbo-sacral area meaning the back, the buttock, the trunk and the shoulder.

The key is the entrapment of the melanocyte migration in the dermis, during its migration process from the neural crest to the epidermis during the embryo stage of development.

Black Birthmark Removal: Café au lait spot

Black Birthmark Removal for Café au lait spot is easy.

This may be seen anywhere on the body. The color is light brown or milk coffee in color. The shape is oval in most cases.

Course of development

This may be present at birth or later in early childhood. They hardly fade much with age. Having 1 to 2 lesions on the body is very common. Having 4 or more may not be good, as it, may indicate present of neuro-fibromatosis.



Most of birthmarks do not require as many of them disappear by itself or that they are benign except for aesthetic cosmetic reason.

Especially, the pigmented birthmark don’t require treatment except for cosmetic purpose.

Whereas for the vascular lesions it may require reduction or removal for similar reason.

The treatment includes the use of oral or injected steroid, skin laser to remove or reduce color and size.