Hairy Birthmark

Hairy Birthmark is pretty common and rather unsightly. Many would wish to get it removed.

Hairy Birthmark

The Hairy Birthmark, such birthmark is mostly make of congenital nevi or also called the mole. These lesion are black or dark pigmented growth. On top of this they tends to grows hair. They appears right from birth.

The surface may be flat, raised, or bumpy. These moles can grow anywhere on the body and vary in size from less than an inch to over 8 inches.



Hairy Birthmark

Hairy Birthmark: Congenital Naevus is a mole that frequently grow hairs.


Hairy Birthmark: Incidence of Hairy Birthmark

Hairy Birthmark, the occurrence of hairy birthmark is low.

Congenital nevi occur in 1% of new-born. Most moles are not dangerous.

Hairy Birthmark: Danger of Hairy Birthmark becoming malignant

But congenital nevi, especially large ones, have an increased risk of developing into melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. All moles should be monitored for changes. The differential diagnosis includes changing moles which will need excision surgery. Others may be removed for cosmetic reason for those on the face.