Laser Birthmark

Laser Birthmark is used to treat most of the birthmark lesions. Without laser, nothing much can one do in the treatment of birthmark.

Laser Birthmark

Laser birthmark is one of the commonest treatment and also the most effective treatment for the birthmark, especially the pigmented birthmark, and the vascular birthmark meaning the red, bright-red, dull red, purple types of lesion.

Pigment laser treats well for pigmented birthmark, usually using wavelength of 1064 nano-metres.





Laser Birthmark

Laser Birthmark: Birthmark Nevus Of Ota: AFTER Laser Birthmark Removal. Note the smooth textured & fair skin , the advantages of laser treatment.


The vascular laser is used to treat the vascular lesions such as the Port Wine Stain, capillary haemangioma, strawberry haemangioma, cavernous haemangioma, AV malformation, venous malformation. The wavelength used is about 800 nano-meters.

Carbon dioxide laser can be used to remove the congenital nevi, also called the mole. The carbon dioxide laser wavelength is much longer and is absorbed by the water rich target cell.