Raised Birthmark

Raised Birthmark is mainly treated by laser therapy.

Raised Birthmark

The common raised birthmark are the strawberry birthmark, congenital nevi, and venous haemangioma, but seldom the port wine stain.





Raised Birthmark

Raised Birthmark: Strawberry Haemangiomas


Raised Birthmark: Strawberry Hemangiomas

Hemangiomas are Raised Birthmark and is a collection of small, closely packed blood vessels.

Raised Birthmark: Location

Strawberry hemangiomas, Raised Birthmark, occur on the surface of the skin, usually on the face, scalp, back, or chest.

Raised Birthmark: Property

Raised Birthmark of such lesion has red color, angry looking. They may be red or purple and are often raised, with sharp borders.

Raised Birthmark: Incidence

Raised Birthmark occurrence is quite high. These occur in 2 out of every 100 babies born.

Strawberry hemangiomas usually develop a few weeks after birth.

Raised Birthmark: Growing behavior

Raised Birthmark may not need any treatment as they disappear when grown up. They grow rapidly through the first year before disappearing around age of 9. Some slight discoloration or puckering of the skin may remain at the site.

Raised Birthmark: Treatment

Raised Birthmark need no treatment when we no that it will disappear by itself. No treatment is required, but when they develop near the eye or mouth, or in a location that can bleed or become infected, they may need to be treated or removed.








Raised Birthmark: Cavernous Hemangiomas

Raised Birthmark such as cavernous hemangiomas may be more difficult to treat due to the big volume of target tissue.

Present at birth, deeper cavernous hemangiomas are just under the skin and appear as a bluish spongy mass of tissue filled with blood. If they’re deep enough, the overlying skin may look normal.


Cavernous hemangiomas typically appear on the head or neck.


Most disappear by puberty. A combination of cavernous and strawberry hemangioma can occur.