No Sex Drive

No Sex Drive

A decrease of desire, for sex, also called poor libido are synonymous. The low libido is more common in woman than man.

Causes of Low libido in man

The male hormone testosterone

is important for sex drive. It is produced mainly from the testicle. It is also responsible as an anabolic hormone helping body to build up muscle. It helps in stimulating the sperm production. It also improve sex drive in the female other than for male.

The definition of low testosterone is when it is less than 350 ng per ml.

Decreasing testosterone level is a normal part of aging. Any way that can boost the testosterone level will boost the sex drive.

Taking certain medications

such as the beta blocker and ACE inhibitor for hypertension wil decrease sex drive.

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

is an uncontrollable urge to move your legs. These patient has a considerably decreased libido.

Depression and antidepressant

such as Selective Serotonin Re uptake Inhibitor (SSRI) all decrease libido.

Chronic diseases

such as pain, cancer, heart diseases, metabolic diseases affect libido, especially so if they are taking drug.

Inadequate sleep

affect the libido greatly. Sleep apnoea also affects libido.


This is another cause. There is decreased testosterone after age 60-65. The quality of erection is not as hard.


can affect libido. It decrease the mood, initiatives, concentration and desire. It also disturb the sleep quality and disrupt the hormone level.

No Sex Drive: Lack of enough sleep

No Desire: Lack of enough sleep can kill sex drive.


Causes of Low libido in women

It is the same as the man–physical and psychological.


No Sex Drive: Busy with kid can be a sex drive killer

Low Libido: Busy with kid can be a sex drive killer



Physical cause

Substance abuse

such as the alcohol, and recreational drugs.


if anemia is severe enough.

Major diseases

such as the diabetes, obesity, cancer, chronic pain.

Post baby “coolness”

This is about about hormonal changes and psychological trauma and exhaustion after childbirth.

Prescription medication

such as the tranquiliser.


is a condition whereby the pituitary gland produced a lot of prolactin hormone. This is quite rare.

Other hormone:

a decreased level of testosterone in the female will decrease the libido.

A word of note:

during menopause, the sex quality actually may be increased despite the female hormone decrease. Although the drive is not as high. This is because the ration of testosterone to estrogen has increased dramatically after the disappearance of estrogen.

Psychological cause

This is quite easy to understand. When the woman is having a bad mood or emotion, it is expected to have no interest for sex.

General depression.

Stress at home or at work.

Anxiety disorder.

Any hang-up from the childhood, such as a bad sexual experience.

A bad past sexual experience such as a rape.

Any tendency of lesbianism.

Any relationship problem with the partner.

Any difficult living condition. This include the sharing of living area with the in-laws.




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