Causes of Hair Loss

Know the Causes of Hair Loss, take corrective measures and your crowning glory can be maintained.

Causes of Hair Loss

The causes of hair loss can be described in details below.

We have around 100,000 to 150,000 of hair on our scalp. Daily we lost about 100 to 150 hairs. The growth should be 100 to 150 so as to keep the number of hair constant. However, millions other don’t have the hair regrow fast enough to keep pace with the lost and hence, the hair loss or alopecia sets in.

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Causes of Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss: Know the Causes of Hair Loss, take corrective measures and your crowning glory can be maintained.


Causes of hair loss

There are many causes of hair loss. It may range from normal thinning due to genetic, illnesses, diet factor, consumption of medicine and the stress of child birth.

Causes of Hair Loss: Androgenic alopecia (also called hereditary thinning or baldness) 

Of all the Causes of Hair Loss, this is the most common cause among the man. The first sign is the appearance of thinning and receding hairline from the temple and crown area. It is rare that lady gets androgenic alopecia.

The pathology here is due to higher level of dihydrotestosterone, DHT for short. When the male reaching 40 year old, the DHT tend to attack the crown hair follicle causing them to diminish in size and ultimately death. DHT on the other hand promote hair growth on the face, thickening the side-burn, and mustache. The exact reason is unknown. For the lady, the first sign is the thinning of hair of the parting line.

Causes of Hair Loss: Alopecia areata 

Of all the Causes of Hair Loss, this is one of the common cause. The pathology is not well understood, but is believed to be due to autoimmune disorder. The body produce antibody that could be attacking his own hair resulting round patches of hair loss. This may be treated with injection and most of them can regrow back.

Causes of Hair Loss: Cicartrical or scarring alopecia

Of all the Causes of Hair Loss, this is one of the common cause. This is a rare disease where it destroy an otherwise healthy person hair follicle. The resulting is the scar formation. In order for the hair to regrow, the treatment must be instituted well before scar mature and the treatment is to give anti-inflammatory drug.

Causes of Hair Loss: Central centrifugal cicatrical (scarring) alopecia

Of all the Causes of Hair Loss, this is one of the common cause. This is mainly found in African ethnic group, mostly among the lady only. The disease started from the center of the vertex or crown. It then radiate peripherally from the center with shiny hair loss scalp. The follicle destroyed due to inflammation and scarring. In order for the hair to regrow, the treatment must be instituted well before the scar mature.

Causes of Hair Loss: Diseases

Some diseases can cause hair loss, among the causes of hair loss such as anemia, thyroid diseases

  • Illnesses: after a major illnesses there can be severe hair loss such as going through a period of high fever, infection, or a major surgery. This may be called the telogen effluvium.
  • Major treatment for disease like the cancer treatment by way of chemotherapy or radiotherapy can definitely cause a severe hair loss.
  • Ring worm infection can cause hair loss, mostly reversible after the treatment of the ringworm.
  • Tricotillomania: this group of patient suffering from a compulsive disorder where they tend to pull the hair out of the scalp or lashes or the brow or any other parts.



Causes of Hair Loss: Hormone and stress

Among the Causes of Hair Loss, even stressful lifestyle can brings about hair loss.

  • After giving birth (post-partum): post-partum the lady suffer from drastic fall of estrogen which in terms cause the hair loss. This is
    usually only a temporary phase which usually can recover on its own.
  • Menopause: during and after menopause, the female body estrogen level drop drastically. This brings about the hair loss. The loss become permanent unless they undergoes hormone replacement therapy or HRT.
  • Stress: when there is an encounter of a life’s very stressful event such as a divorce or death of a loved one, can provoke a period of temporary hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss: Poor or malnutrition and dieting

Among the Causes of Hair Loss, even poor dieting can brings about hair loss.

  • Weight loss or severe dieting: a short drastic weight loss of more than 7 kg., the hair start to loss 3 to 6 months after the weight loss event. Normally the hair can regrow after a few months on its own without undue intervention.
  • Vitamin A: excessive vitamin A consumption through supplement or medication can provoke hair loss. After a period of time it can normally reverse and recover.
  • Protein: a diet poor in protein can cause hair loss. The body can help to preserve the protein by shutting down hair growth. Once the protein diet improve on a regular basis, the hair will grow back after 3 months. The good sources of protein are the egg, fish, meat, and for the vegetarian the nut, bean and seed are a good source.
  • Iron: diet poor in iron can also lead to hair loss. Good sources of iron includes the sea food, soy, seeds, beans, and animal meat. Fortified cereal is another source.
  • Eating disorder: anorexia nervosa and bulimia are affecting the hair loss but is usually reversible.

Causes of Hair Loss: Medicine      

Among the Causes of Hair Loss, even wrong medicine can brings about hair loss.      

Many prescription medications affect hair loss such as:

  • High dose of vitamin A
  • Blood thinner for heart diseases
  • Medication for osteoarthritis, heart problem, hypertension and diabetes, gout and depression
  • Oral contraceptive pill, OCP: hair loss is seen in some
  • Anabolic steroids: for the muscle enhancement and athletic performance it may cause hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss: Hair care

Among the Causes of Hair Loss, even wrong hair care can brings about hair loss.

  • Products: too frequent bleaching and perming can breaks the hair. Over use or wrongly use of dye, spray, fixer, gel can worsen the fragility of hair. Best policy is lessen the use.
  • Blow dryer, flat iron & using other hair devises: the heat from the blower can overheat the hair and damage it by heating up the water content in the hair shaft. Try to style the hair after normal drying. Limit flat iron and direct heat from blower as much as possible, unless need to fix and style or set the hair.
  • Hairpin, clip & rubber band: these are used to hold hair tightly and can break the hair.
  • Hairstyle: after prolonged and years of wearing the hair in a particular style or position, for example a pony tail and braiding, can cause traction hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss: Wrongful Washing method, drying & combing

Among the Causes of Hair Loss, even wrong washing can brings about hair loss.

  • Too much shampooing, combing, brushing
  • Rubbing wet hair dry by a towel
  • Brushing and combing wet hair
  • For most except African, the hair is more elastic when wet, will also means easier to break when wet than dry hair.