Cosmetic Dentistry 

This is very much about how to improve the color, positioning, appearance and arrangement of the full set of our teeth in a pleasing display.

The commonest is the whitening of the teeth to remove poor looking yellowed stained or tar deposit of a smoker.

Also important is the restoration of the missing teeth by use of denture. The more modern and also more natural and comfortable to use is by way of doing implant. The implanted teeth is much like a natural teeth and gives the joy of ease to chew much like a natural way.


Cosmetic Dentistry: sparkling white and linear set orderly arranged teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry: sparkling white and linear set orderly arranged teeth.




Teeth whitening

This is commonly done by using a special laser machine that emits a specific light ray to remove the colored stain. The resultant teeth looks white.

Teeth restoration

The missing teeth can be restored by using a 3 pieces implant; the implant screw in the bone, the connecting neck and the top crown. This is usually done over multiple settings.

Teeth alignment

For the misaligned teeth, the use of the wiring can help to pull back the teeth to a desired position over several months by using a screw to push and fix. Multiple types of wring are used some of which are transparent making it looks less noticeable.

Teeth shaping and sizing 

When the gap between the 2 teeth is decreasing due to aging and osteoporosis of the jaw bone that house all the teeth, it result in misalignment. Here the dentist will have grind down the side of the teeth so that there is enough room to accommodate the teeth in a less space and yet able to be placed in a linear manner.





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