Cosmetic Surgery

This is a relatively newer discipline over the last couple of decades. It deals with the enhancement of the body parts so that it is better looking and not the functional aspect, as the reverse of the plastic surgery. The demand for this is so great that it has grown into a multi- billion dollar industry in every country, and world-wide it is worth trillion of dollar. The cosmetic surgery and the plastic surgery are complimentary and at times the border is not that clear-cut.


Cosmetic Surgery: the most popular procedure of medical tourism.

Cosmetic Surgery: the most popular procedure of medical tourism.




Facial cosmetic surgery is the m st common. They includes the blepharoplasties, various face lift procedures, nose enhancement, lips enhancement, facial contour shaping.


This includes the breast enhancement, tummy shaping through lipossculpture and tummy tuck, uplifting of buttock and liposuction of thigh.


Skin surgery is also commonly done and can also be done by the dermatologist. This includes the excision of various lessons, the repair of certain injuries, and skin grafting work.


Hair restoration by means of hair implant is gaining popular now to restore the crowning glory of the man. The hair implanted are living one and can grow like a normal hair and last forever.

With the advent of newer implant technique such as the uni-follicular implant makes the hair most natural, as if they are just like the original hair.





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