Eye cosmetic

The eye is the window to the soul of the person, the saying goes. Truly, when we meet a person, our first attention is drawn to her eyes during the initial glance and eye contact. Therefore, how appealing is her aesthetic projection will determine our value placed on this.



Eye Cosmetic: The aesthetic unit of beauty.

Eye Cosmetic: The aesthetic unit of beauty.




The brow

The brow forms the upper margin of the eye aesthetic unit.

The tattoo of the brow is the commonest issue the lady is passionate about. Some still carry the old styled tattoo which looks like a patch of black ink covering the every single points of the skin. They don’t looks natural. Most of this color looks not natural as brownish, pitch black, red tinted,greenish or bluish- tinted. There are various pigments being used. The only way to remove such tattoo is by way of NdYag Q-switched laser. It will require  multiple session of treatment depending what type of pigment and color used.

Nowadays, most brow tattoo is more natural as they use to draw the hair one by one in a natural size, curve, direction, location with respect to each other and density. The color used is softer. The overall is a very natural looking brow shadow.

The brow location

As the lady enters the forties, the brow started to droop. The double eyelid may start to disappear. Some even will cover the side of the eye giving rise to the appearance of a tired or sleepy looks. The solution is to lift the brow by way of thread or chemo-denervation or surgery so as to give a refreshed looks.

The upper eyelid

The important aspect of this topic for the oriental lady, especially of Mongolian ethnic group, is to have a double eyelid appearance. Most youngster will be hungry to have one. This can be done by using a tiny thread as a least invasive method. Another is by doing a surgery to fix the skin down onto the upper levator muscle at the upper margin of the tarsal cartilage.

The lower eyelid

The most important is the eye-bag that starts to appear around the forties. This looks baggy and ugly. It straight away takes away the person age by may be 20 years older! This is due to the weakened posterior septal membrane, whereby the fat that cushion the eyeball pushes forward giving the baggy appearance. Another factor is the thinning, lax and weakening skin that allows the fat to protrudes.

The eyelashes

Most lady has a passion of having long curved upper eyelashes. They use artificial hair to be stick onto the existing shorter eyelash hair to gives a look of the barbie dole. The good news is that eyelash implant can be performed so as to achieve a permanent result. The hair will grow. The lady just has to trim the required length and perm it to looks curvy.

The tear trough

This is a line just below the projecting bulging eye-bag. It is a different problem form the eye-bag. this is due to the disappearing fact and collagen beneath it. The treatment is to replace back the volume by the use of various fillers, both external or autologus.

The crow’s feet

The area lateral to and beside the eye usually thin out as the first sign of aging. The thinned skin causes the overlying skin to touch the underlying orbicularis muscle. Therefore, any movement of the orbicularis will cause and pull the skin into folding that has the appearance of the crow’s feet. This is a dynamic wrinkle. So the best treatment is to use botulinum toxin that brings about quietening of the muscle and hence the disappearing of the wrinkle.



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