Aquamid is make of polyacrylamide and is a permanent compound filler.

The Past

Mostly using various kind of collagen products were used.

In the past, most of the aesthetic filler products were inject-able that can be delivered to the desired site easily. The major drawback of the earlier generation of filler product is due to short life span. This is mainly because they give natural result but it do not last long enough, mostly over a short period of time. Collagen from animal sources were the common one. Typically, they only last about no more than 2 to 4 months.



Aquamid: semi-permanent filler

Aquamid: semi-permanent filler


The Future

The good news is that AQUAMID is a non-re-absorbable filler recently used to achieve a long and lasting result after a filler injection correction therapy. The main advantage is that it does not become harden after the injection into the face. Furthermore, Aquamid does not migrate from the point of injection. The main disadvantage of collagen is that it can migrate and shift after injection other than only last a few months.

Many scientific studies has ascertain the injected material will remain in its place for at least 10 years. It is not expected to have any further changes after this period. The procedure enhances the appearance of skin erasing any folds or used to shape a facial part such as the nose or chin, and brings great satisfaction to both client and the doctor.

There is hardly any need to repeat the procedure once desirable results have been achieved. However, the progressive aging of the facial skin may take place and AQUAMID may be injected whenever necessary to compensate any loss of skin collagen and elastin fibers. .

Some of the deficiency is correctable by AQUAMID




Aquamid: semi-permanent filler

Aquamid: semi-permanent filler


Indications for Aquamid filler:

  • Wrinkle treatment, such as the naso-labial folds, the laugh line or the power line as is been called in Asia, glabella frown lines (the vertical lines between the inner sides of two eye brows), depressed corners of the mouth, the marionette lines.
  • Lip augmentation due to the thinning of both upper and lower lips. Ideally is to use resorbable filler.
  • Correction of acne scars such as the depressed box scar, undulating scar, punched out scar.
  • Augmentation or shaping of chin, forehead or cheekbones for higher cheek projection.
  • Augmentation of depressed cheeks in people after crash course slimming, or AIDS patient.
  • Other facial corrections such as the temple depression.

These are just some of the possible indications


Ease of use to inject

AQUAMID is injected within the skin with a fine cannula.  The patient should discuss with the doctor on his or her expectation and what the desired appearance should be. This procedure is carried out in doctor’s clinic, at WellnessZon, with absolute care and attention. This procedure does not requires any time to rest and recuperate after an injection. It is also called the lunch time procedure. You can be back home or head straight to work immediately after completing the procedure. This is an advantage.

The technology

AQUAMID is uses an innovative technology that has the record of being sufficiently tested on more than 100 000 patients over the period of 10 years. This is good news on the evidence of safety. Many clinical trials that were carried out in Europe produced evidence that side effects are rare and are harmless in nature. At the early stage, the treated area may swell a little, but the swelling subsides naturally after 1 or 2 days. This is only temporary.

AQUA MID is created and manufactured in specialized laboratory in Denmark to meet the highest international standards of quality and safety control.