Juvederm is a commercial brand, containing hyaluronic acid (HA in short) and is a type of filler.

As with all hyaluronic acid, it has the various functions such as promoting cell growth, membrane receptor function, helping to stabilize inter-cellular structures, providing a visico-elastic medium of network for the dispersal of collagen and elastin fibers. An example of inter-cellular function maintenance is lost during a photo aging case, whereby the collagen and elastin fibers get clumped in between the cells. Juvederm can be used to fill up tear trough and erase eye bag as much as an eye bag removal.



Juvederm Filler

Juvederm Filler


The mode of action

The mode of action is through helping the skin to hold the water together giving the skin much needed hydration.

As the chemical structure of hyaluronic acid is the same in all species, the risk of allergic reaction is minimum.

The property

The property of Juvederm is to imbibe the water and hold that water in the dermis for a smooth and wrinkle free texture.

The Juvederm has the heparin like property, meaning it can cause bruising at time. However, this effect can be counteracted by the addition of ligdocaine, which is a pain killer, making the injection experience much more comfortable. Today, there are various brand that has the ligdocaine added to the main hyaluronic compound.

Adverse reaction

This is less likely as the allergy to hyaluronic acid is rare. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid structure of all species and sources is exactly the same.

If it is injected too superficially, it may cause a bluish discoloration called Tindal effect. The treatment is to remove some of it away from under the dermis. Thinner skin tends to have such problem, typically around and under the eyes.

Juvederm regular is easy to inject, due to its small molecular sizes. It is therefore used frequently for fine lines and small wrinkles. It is not so ideal for the larger fold such as the naso-labial folds or the marionette line. This is because due to the movement, the filler don’t last long enough.

Juvederm +lignocaine = Juvederm ultra plus XC

Juvederm XC is a Juvederm add with pain killer lignocaine for extra comfort (XC).

Juvedrem Ultra Plus XC is usually call as Juvederm XC in short.