Radiesse is another commercial product brand for one of the fillers.

More and more unwanted wrinkle will appear as we age. That is a fact. These wrinkles appearing around the eyes, and mouth ought to be removed if anyone want to looks great and feel good. Only a rejuvenated skin and face can brings about these changes. Such rejuvenation will call into using some of the more drastic measures such as doing aesthetic enhancement or better still go for cosmetic surgery for the initiated who want an extreme make-over.



Radiesse Filler for Volumising

Radiesse Filler for Volumising


One of the best products in the market that fights wrinkles is Radiesse Wrinkle Filler. Radiesse is a semi-solid substance that is injected into the facial skin. The procedure is simple and short and can be usually performed in the doctor’s office.

This substance is to fill up and restore the lost volume under the skin and in the face for any unwanted lines around the mouth and nose. This artificial product has been extensively tested in the laboratory, and has minimum side effects. You can use Radiesse not only to treat wrinkles, but also for cheek depressions or other signs of aging that are caused by fat loss due to aging or after a crush course slimming. It can be used together with PRP for face rejuvenation by a procedure call the Vampire Face Lift.

Mechanism of action

  • Function as a volume enhancer mechanically
  • The substance gel has a water absorbing capacity and because of this it increases in volume and add on the contour of the face
  • It also provoke new collagen synthesis
  • New collagen serves as the scaffolding for other tissues such as fat and new blood vessels to for around it

Aging is inevitable. As we aged, the less refreshed, vibrant and youthful your skin looks. Radiesse provides instant results with its powerful ingredients that adds volume to the skin and lift where needed, diminishing the signs of aging.

But why is Radiesse so unique, you might wonder? Well, this top-notch product acts as a scaffold for the skin, being the structure under your facial skin. Moreover, it stimulates the production of natural collagen, which gives your skin a more youthful appearance.

Long Lasting Results

This firm and durable filler are perfect for dismissing your frown lines and treating marionette lines. According to most of the users who tried it, results can last for up to 2 years or more.

FDA approval

As the Radiesse is approved by the FDA, you can have the peace of mind your investment is secure. Radiesse is a safe method of fighting wrinkles, being used by thousands of happy men and women who now look young and vigorous again. You too can capitalize on all the benefits offered by Radiesse today!