Body Building

The fitness is about body building. The intention is to build up muscle mass over the chest, the arm and shoulder, the abdominal pack, the thigh and leg. In order to build up the muscle, the parts has to be stretched by lifting heavy weight such that it is a isometric contraction. This means the body lift up the same weight throughout the whole process of contraction.


Body building will require not just fruit and vegetable but a lot of amino acid for muscle building.

Body building will require not just fruit and vegetable but a lot of amino acid for muscle building.





Personal trainer

A personal trainer may be need to guide you on the workout plan or regime so that you can achieve what you are set out to do without injuring yourself. It will let you avoid an over enthusiastic attempt to build your muscle, because it may easily injure your body.

Workout plan

There is normally a progressive plan where you will need certain number of day to practice lifting with an increasing amount of weight. How many times of lift per week, and how much of rest required.

Protein diet

In order to build up the muscle, you need to consume a lot of protein, simple protein of amino acid where it can be easily absorbed and taken up by the muscle for building up its body mass.

Weight lifting exercise

The body building is very much about weight lifting. Only a muscle that experiences the isotonic contraction will it build up rapidly. Lighter weight may not build much of the muscle.

Arm and chest muscle

This is the most important part of the muscle guy would like to build. this is because a well build chest and arm will gives the bigger upper torso, giving rise to a inverted V-shaped chest.

Tummy muscle and the 6-packs

A person will have to do a lot of sits up in order to achieve a well developed rectus abdominis muscle that will show a distinct 6-packs on the abdominal wall. This attainment is much cherished by the body builder.

Pelvic and thigh

This also require a lot of stretching and sit-sup.




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