Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement

Talking about penis enlargement, it is one of the most important topic of sexual aesthetic, that also helps in improving the sexual health.

This is specifically addressing the enlargement of the dorsal glans penis. The glans penis is the symbol of the man. Its conical shape helps to dilate the vagina for an efficient intercourse. The sponginess gives a good feel to both partners and prevent injury to both sexual organs, the penis and the tight vagina. The glans is richly innervated and gives the pleasurable sensation.

Using of injectable Hyaluronic acid

The hyaluronic acid is the commonly used substance for the enlargement of glans penis. This is because it is absorb-able, non inflammatory. The only drawback is that it is not lasting and need to be repeated.


Penis Enlargement: Using hyaluronic acid injection.

Penis Enlargement: Using hyaluronic acid injection. This can help to hydrate and gives volume to the glans. It also increase the pinkness coloration and the smooth texture to the mucosa covering. The enlargement of the penis shaft is another procedure that will be discussed separately.




An ideal filler quality:

This must have the following characteristics:

  • biocompatible,
  • non-antigenic or immunogenic
  • non carcinogenic, non teratogenic
  • non inflammatory,
  • non toxic,
  • easy to use and administer
  • no side effects
  • stable after injection,
  • non migratory,
  • long lasting non absorb-able, or non resorbable
  • easily obtained and stored
  • naturally looking and
  • of course not too expensive to use
  • plus provide easy reproducible cosmetically beneficial result

Using of injectable Polyacrylamide

The polyacrylamide is another material not commonly used for the glans augmentation. The only drawback is that it is more permanent and best to be avoided.

Glans enlargement and treatment of premature ejaculation

Incidentally, the use of injectable to augment the glans penis also can cure or improve many premature ejaculation. This is an unintended benefit. 

Using of injectable autologous fat

This is the use of one’s own fat harvested from other parts of the body of the same person and transferred to the glans penis. As this is our own material it is one of the most safest.



Using surgery

Penis Enlargement: Using Lycoplant implant

Penis Enlargement: Using Lycoplant implant




This is the use of dermal-fat graft to be inserted into the potential space between the glans penis, the corpora spongiosum and the tip of corpora cavernosum. The only drawback is that this is more invasive than the subcutaneous injectable on the glans. The use of bio-tissue like the Lycoplant is now used to substitute for the dermal graft. The access is by dorsal incision along the sulcus between the two corpora cavernosum by way of blunt dissection. The dorsal neurovascular bundle is preserved.

Penile enlargement

Penile enlargement is mostly about increasing the length and girth of the penile shaft. That for the glans penis can be counted in as described in the most part of this article page.




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