Lifestyle medicine

The lifestyle medicine is much about healthy living. It is about living an active quality life through awareness of one’s health. The biggest intervention area for the layman is knowing how to eat and exercise. Or for the sick, how to ameliorate the disease progression and avoid complication. It is about responsible living to oneself physical being.



Lifestyle Medicine: Live a meaningful rewarding life. education and awareness is key.

Lifestyle Medicine: Live a meaningful rewarding life. education and awareness is key.




Education and awareness

Education is the fundamental to a good lifestyle. By knowing the science of aging, what nutrition can help, and why exercise is so important for the general well being will put you to believe that what you are going to achieve is easy and meaningful, not only to yourself but alos to your loved one. This will make the journey of achieving your goal more interesting more exciting. It gives you the reason to look forward to and what lies ahead is worth living for and still has the energy to help and share with other fellow human being.


The diet that is suitable to different ages and ethnic may be different. Care may be taken to take a wide variety of food especially the fruit and vegetable. The best are freshly prepared food. Local fruits are cheap and best. Colorful fruit and vegetable contain the highest amount of antioxidant.


This helps you to improve agility, stamina,and coordination. Do it on a regular basis. Get a fellow friend so that you don’t feel lonely and he will always takes you along. this will make the process more enjoyable.

Substance abuse

try to get away from excessive alcohol consumption, smoking addiction. The worst of all is the addiction to street drug that is illegally supplied. They deteriorate and damage the nervous system. They affect your sleep, concentration and coordination.

Rest and relaxation

Give yourself adequate rest after each day of workout. take the day off if you don’t feel well. Do not force upon yourself.

Sex life

This can still goes on so long the both of you still enjoy doing. No harm.




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