Medical Center (under planning, location to be announced)

Plastic Surgery

This department will deal with both the plastic and cosmetic surgery and even the aesthetic medicine as the demand is huge.


It will have the medical skin diseases and also the cosmetic dermatology such as the laser dermatology treatment, cosmeceutical product, dermatological surgery….

General Surgery

It deals with a host of problems such as the lump and bump, scar management…..


Here it deal with various medical issue such as the commonest infection like upper respiratory infection, flu and cough, urinary tract infection, gastro intestinal infection and pathology, screening test for cancer etc…


It dispenses all the required medication, oral and cream.


This will conduct all the necessary test to diagnosis and confirm a disease. It involve testing for urine,blood and other body fluid sample and tissue sample for histopathology examination. We will also provide various scanning and imaging technology for helping in diagnosis.