One of the best way to relax not only the body but also for the mind is to do meditation.



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The intention of sitting down in a comfortable pose, in a quite environment, in private or in group, with a soft lighting, cool refreshing air or breeze and even with a soothing slow music set at the background with a relaxed mind can quickly lure you into a state of meditation.

The process of meditation

Counting from 1 to 9 while taking a slow breathing taking in, and agin when you expire outward count slowly from 1 to 9 quietly in your mind. Repeat this over multiple cycles. As you do this process, think of nothing but just focus on your slow state of breathing. A simple technique like this can help to slows down the heart beat and the anxious mind quickly. Once you are experienced, may may be even able to do it successfully in many other unlikely venue and timing . A slowed state of heart beat will be beneficial to the health

Types of meditation

There are meditation sole intended to relax, other for the health purpose, some are meant for spiritual application.

  • The yoga exercise can help in the flexibility of the body and also augment the effect of meditation.
  • Pillate uses slow dance and foot step to help relaxation.
  • Tai-Chi and Chi-Kong uses breathing technique to relax
  • Martial art in slow motion also helps in relaxation
  • Spiritual inspired meditation

Benefit of meditation

  • slowing of heartbeat give a sense of relaxation and ease
  • it slows down the wandering thought and brain activity to a level just above the sleep.
  • it is useful to treat panic attack, anxiety, stress
  • it relaxes the tired body also
  • some believe that it can help to cure the cancer
  • it can improve blood pressure and heart diseases




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