Men’s Health 

Men’s health is about healthcare and beauty catering to the specific needs of men.

This is a very recent development due to the special character of men. Men tends to be more stubborn when it comes to admitting that he has a medical problem. Normally, by the time he really needs the help of medical personnel, the condition is really bad.


Men's Health is more than about virility, sexual performance, erectile dysfunction or erection hardness. It is about his believe that he is godly & never will fall ills.

Men’s Health is more than about virility, sexual performance, erectile dysfunction or erection hardness. It is about his believe that he is godly & never will fall ills. (Courtesy of Pfizer)


Starting Point

Men starts his journey from the day he is born and is well taken care of by the mother. Whenever he is not well, his mother will looks after his need, like taken for immunization and regular health follow up. By the time he reached in his twenties, he is very independent. Be it that if he fall ill, like cough and flu or fever, he usually brush it off, saying he should be alright soon. True enough, normally he recovers fast.

After all can recover without doctor’s help

The next time and the next time, repeated again and again, he fall ill but recover fully and similar event happens. He think he is almighty after all and will never be serious after all each time he recovered fully. He thinks it will be too “weak” of him to see a doctor. This and coupled with the men general propensity for higher risk activity or hobby and occupation puts him at a higher risk of health.

The difference compared to women

From the twenties till forties, women are sexually active and each pregnancy gives them a chance to meet up with the doctor. SHould there be any abnormality in her health, it will be detected early and remedial action and treatment instituted early, leading to full recovery. However, the men lacks this opportunity.

Men’s risk taking character 

The men risk-taking behavior, especially smoking, drug and alcohol addiction, and more encounter with the women also puts him into high risk of getting obesity and contacting infectious diseases. This will leads him down the road of getting lifestyle related diseases such as the diabetes and hypertension.

Start of diseases

Without proper counselling and these diseases continue to ravages his physical body. Initially the body can compensate for the deviated abnormal homeostasis but soon it gets decompensated. When one day, he will collapse due to such as prolonged high blood sugar leading to coma, and forced to be brought into the hospital.


Men’s first encounter with doctor after adulthood

By the time this precious encounter with the doctors might be too late and his body has suffered irreversible damage to the eyes, kidneys, nerve endings. This is why many of men get impaired vision, skin health deterioration and worst still even premature kidney failure. It is for this reason that healthcare personnel thinks of a way of how to engage the healthy men in their thirties, forties or fifties, trying to catch the diseases early on in the life.

With the sickness, his handsome face will suffer droopy face, eye bag, wrinkles skin, ballooning body silhouette. To improve the looks, he will now need the various aesthetic treatment.


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