Surgical Mole Removal

Surgical Mole Removal

A few surgical option of mole removal is available.


This forms an alternative to the laser cautery. This uses the electric current to burn the mole. The current used is usually very low. The current is set to a level such that it only reach the required layer of the outer skin so as to avoid the possibility of scaring.  A total of usually 1 to 3 session is required to completely remove a mole. Do it slowly rather than a rash manner to excise it completely. The deeper you go, usually deeper than the reticular dermis, the risk of scaring increases substantially.



Surgical Mole Removal Without Scar

Surgical Mole Removal Without Scar



As the name suggest, we use a freezing solution to freeze the face mole first, then shave it off by a scalpel. The stump is then cauterized. A caution is that if suspected of a melanoma, there should be no freezing done as this causes a freezing artefact of the tissue sample and interfere with the histopathological interpretation. Instead a full surgical excisional biopsy should be done. The resulting elliptical skin deficit is sutured and approximated back.

Surgical excision

This is usually performed if the lesion leaves in doubt the possibility of melanocytic nevus being a melanoma. Then a full and complete excisional surgery be done so that no melanocyte cell is left there for it have the recurrent nevi. An eye shaped or elliptical designed excision which should at least has 0.3 to 0.5 cm of clearance for the mole margin. The excised sample must be sent for histopathology examination to confirm that the mole has been fully excised with a clear margin of safety.

Risk and complication of mole removal

This will depend which method is used and where is the mole located as well as the size of the mole.

  • Initial discomfort and pain can be minimal and can be resolved by taking analgesic after the local anesthetic wane off.
  • The scab formation after dropping off at the end of one week, can cause redness initially. This will eventually recover back to normal skin color. The time period may differ. For the Asian skin it may take several week to months. This is provided that the customer stays away during the recovery period, otherwise the red discoloration may last a lot longer. Always use a sun block or cover with a large brimmed hat.
  • Risk of infection is possible if not taken care of. Apply the antibiotic cream throughout and keep clean. Wash off daily and apply the fresh one. Such infection is rather rare if post operation care is instituted.
  • Scar formation: So long the electro cautery or laser surgery cautery is done in a careful manner not exceeding the reticular dermic, the risk of scarring is very low. This is why multiple session may be need for the complete mole removal.