Maternal and child health (MCH)

This define a period from the planning for pregnancy to getting pregnant, delivery of baby, confinement period, first week of birth called neonate, infant, child and 13 years after the delivery. During this prolonged period of the lady/mother’s life, a lot of body changes takes place. Many of such changes will affect the mother’s body aesthetic negatively if not taken care of in a timely and adequate manner.

Pre-pregnancy planning

Always better to plan for the arrival of a new life rather than unexpectedly getting pregnant, to your surprise. In this way you can prepare financially, psychologically. Plan each pregnancy and space them out sufficiently for the optimal health.


Mother and child health (MCH): plan your each pregnancy.

Mother and child health (MCH): plan your each pregnancy.





While during pregnancy, it is important to get good nutrition, do appropriate exercise and give yourself sufficient rest and relaxation. Do not stand for long hours as it may cause and worsen the blood stasis.


It is important to find a doctor who can do the episiotomy and subsequent repairs the wound adequately and well. The perineum is over-stretched and any tear or damage must be repaired properly and do the antiseptic adequately especially for those that pass motion while during delivery process.

Post-partum/ confinement

Carefully looking after the episiotomy wound. Do not over stretch as it may cause the wound break-down. SO do not squat but use sitting toilet. If it happens, visit a doctor soonest.

After each passing of motion, clean from front backward. Instead of using tissue, it is better to use water, especially use of bidet. Bidet can clean much better than tissue. Apply soap and antiseptic to wound generously.

Post confinement

It is best not to get pregnant too soon. Let your body to recuperate for at least 1-2 years. The longer the better so that the body is not subjected to the big stress again until it has fully recovered. It is important to consider some form of birth control measure, be it oral contraceptive pill (OCP), inject-able hormone, implant subcutaneously, or intra-uterine devices (IUD) or just plain simple use of condom.




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