Nail Aesthetic

It is dealing with the beautification of the nails, those of the hand is called the manicure; and those of the foot is called the pedicure. It comes in all shapes, colors, sizes and length, texture and above all the various designs.

Nail Aesthetic: Nail Art Design for variety of colors, shape and texture.

Nail Aesthetic: Nail Art Design for variety of colors, shape and texture.




The manicure has the most elaborate design, color and shape. This can be painted directly on top of the original live nail. Alternatively, an acrylic shaped like the nail is glued onto the living nail and then pained later to gives all kind of color, shape and sizes.

As the nail grows, the stuck on nail acrylic will be pushed forwards and a gap behind it may appear. This is why every manicure may need to be redone after a while. The old acrylic is removed, the nail polished and new one can be put on. All this will require special knowledge, skill and technique to deal with.



Nail Art Designs: Various colors, shape & length.

Nail Art Designs: Various colors, shape & length of manicure.




The caring of the foot nail is called pedicure. The beautification of foot nail is usually less elaborate as we have to waer the shoe which obstruct the nail. Hence, usually we only do simple painting of the foot nail. The color and design can still be employed.

Nail care

Nail care will require specialised knowledge. It is essential to know the anatomy, structure and its physiology of how the nail grows. The choice of the use of various agent or products for painting depends on its property and how long it can withstand the abrasion, rubbing, soap etc….

Nail classes

There are some nail school that conduct classes for people to familiarize the nail business industry. Some are consumer while mostly are business owner.

Nail paint

There are various paints being used. take care to know that they don’t contain toxic substances such as the heavy metals like the lead or mercury.

Nail acrylic

These are the nail shaped artificial nail plated that can be readily glued onto the living nail. They can be of different sizes, length, shape and colors or designs.