Nose Job

The nose is at the center of the face. It get the most attention from your friend. It also gives your first impression away to any person you meet. The nose is the major organ and feature of the face that will determine the 3-dimension and depth of your face. Keeping this in mind, it is not hard to see why most people would like to have a good looking nose, i mean a Korean nose features.

There are many components of the nose that deserve desperate and specific attention.




Nose Job: This one of the commonest procedure to enhance 3-dimensional setting of a face.

Nose Job: This one of the commonest procedure to enhance 3-dimensional setting of a face.




The nose bridge

The back of the entire length of the nose forms the bridge. for some people that may be present of a hump, unevenness, too low for most Mongolian ethnic, too short for others.

The hump can be trimmed by leveling of some of the extra bole spur.

For being too low or too short, we can add on an implant to correct it easily.

The nasion

This is the area just to the top end of the bridge and situated in between the 2 eyes. For the most of the Mongolian ethnic, this is very low and will therefore want it to be propped up. Mostly by the use of implant. Injection using filler may be used sparingly. Excess of filler will collapse after 2 weeks of injection making it look very broad and ugly.

The nose tip

Many in this region of Asia wants a Korean nose shape. The feature that define a Korean nose is to have a long high bridge, high nasion, and a tip that is hanging abit like a parrot-beak shaped. In order to do this, an implant is a must and topped up with a cartilage covering. this is to ensure the non elastic nose skin can survive after much projection.

The nose wings

This will determine the width of the nose. Many Mongolian ethnic has a broad and tall wings giving it a large nostril and a flattish appearance. In order to correct this, we have to free the papery thin wing cartilage from the skin and inner mucosal skin. Then, to re position the cartilage forward and upward to give it an added height. This will also correct the nostril size and make nostrils less visible. For the same of them it is considered good Fungshui.

The columelar separating 2 nostrils

This may require extra cartilage from the septum for additional projection, especially for the most difficult cases. This is most invasive if struts building is needed.




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