How to do chemical peel

Before the peel

For the light to medium peel, it is simpler and straight forward. Lesser prior preparation is need.

For the deep peel, a lot of planning is needed. Prior 2 months of retinoic acid cream local application is needed to prime the area for better evenness  and effectiveness of treatment and faster healing.

Treatment day

On the day of the arrival for chemical peel procedure, the staff or the relevant clinic nurse will let the customer change or cover the client dress from being getting wet or stained.




How to do chemical peel

How to do chemical peel?


According to the depth of chemical peel, whether light, medium or deep, and the different types of peel compound used, the exact step may be slightly different. In general, the steps involved are the same as list below. There is a basic protocol to follow.

  • The peel is always conducted in the clinic setting, or in an office setting, to be performed by a certified aesthetic doctor.
  • Generally, no sedative is required unless requested. However, for all deep peel a sedative may be required for relaxation.
  • Oral pain killer should be taken prior to the treatment
  • The face is cleansed after removing all the foundation and make up.
  • Anaesthetic cream 10% is given for 30 minutes
  • The peeling solution is then applied and wait for a predetermined period of time.
  • wait for the clinical end point of treatment
  • Reapply a second or third layer if necessary.
  • Once, a tingling sensation felt, wash away the peel solution, and apply the peel neutraliser if necessary.
  • Apply a soothing cooling ointment. For deep peel, apply thick petroleum jelly.
  • Teach patient on the post peel care. Mild analgesic, or pain killer is prescribed, especially for the deep peel to alleviate the discomfort.
  • Repeat the peel in 2 to 4 weeks for best result, for those light chemical peel cases.
  • For the deep peel, no 2nd peel is required.