Light Chemical Peel

The light chemical peel is the safest among all the peel. It is quick to do and fast to heal with literally no downtime, sometime referred to as lunchtime peel procedure.


Another light peel benefit is it brings abut blemish removal to create a fairer snow-white, silky smooth skin.

The result achieved is subtle but is sufficiently enough for the skin to be

  • rejuvenated,
  • renewed,
  • smoother in feel and texture,
  • and glows sparkling.

It is very good for mild and superficial

  • pigment disorder such as the lentigen, sun spot or freckle.
  • It is also good for the fine lines, and superficial scar.
  • It is great to be used for acne prone skin as it can help to regulate the oil production.
  • As it peel it keeps the pore open. With the open pores the sebum can be discharged easily before it dried up. Therefore, there will be less blackhead. Whitehead will also disappear as the oil and sebum is no longer blocked. They flow and discharged freely to the external surface.

The peeling agents used are commonly

  • using a combination of AHA and BHA,
  • such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, maleic acid and salicylic acid.
  • All of such chemicals used are most likely comes with lower strength/concentration.

Multiple sessions of treatment is necessary to achieve optimal result.



Light Chemical Peel

Light Chemical Peel


The treatment protocol, (how to do chemical peel)

Some general steps involved in all the chemical peel may be given as:

  • Remove all the makeup and foundation, the skin is cleansed.
  • The chemical solution is applied by a brush on to the skin and left for it to act for a couple of minutes.
  • Once the client start to feel the stinging sensation, the session is complete and the chemical should be washed off immediately.
  • A neutralising agent is spray or applied by brush over the treated skin.
  • This completed the light peel treatment.
  • Sunblock is applied if going outdoor.
  • Moisturising skincare applied at all time.


The risk and recovery phase (Post peel care)

The risk is very low for a superficial, light chemical peel. The client experience some short term side effects:

  • light tingling sensation,
  • a mild skin flaking,
  • very mild irritation and
  • perhaps a mild erythema or redness or pinkish discolouration.

With repeated session of treatment, such mild skin sequelae normally disappear as the skin slowly get accommodated to the treatment.

Other lesser risk includes possibility of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, called PIH in short. This is a brownish discoloration causing blotchy skin. A good sunscreen is sufficient to take care of this issue.

There is theoretical risk of infection, such as Herpes Simplex infection or reactivation.