Post Peel Care

Introduction on importance of patient education

There are numerous post peel care plans that need to be meticulously observed. To do the chemical peel is easy. The result (peel benefits) achieved must be taken care of because failure to take proper precaution may ends up with more complication instead. The Dr ( during the clinic consultation must emphasise the importance of post peel care.

This is especially so for equatorial climate where the sun is very strong throughout the day and all year round. Given that the skin now has lost the outer layer of protection, it is important that the patient wear adequate sunscreen all the time. A sun protection factor of at least SPF 25 and above will be ideal.

For the client in the tropical weather, due to the dry environment it is important to apply moisturising cream as well to prevent dehydration.

All peel require diligent, adequate and timely care. It is not that you will need the most expensive cream to do the post care plan but a budget cream do suffice if done correctly. A simple, but correct skincare regime is sufficient to take care of the delicate new skin.

Superficial, Light Chemical Peel

The skin usually takes less than a week to heal. Some time there is even no downtime in cases with a very mild peel.. The newly peeled skin can be pinkish to red, irritating and may scale.

Post peel care:

  • Apply lotion or cream for the first week until it fully heals.
  • This is topped up with the sunscreen during the daytime if you are going outdoor.
  • Although it is best to stay indoors, avoid daytime activity or visiting the beach.
  • Makeup can be worn the day after the peeling procedure.

Medium Chemical Peel

This take around 2 to 3 weeks for the skin to heal completely.

The treated skin is intensely pinkish, red and may even be swelling a bit.

The swelling is the worst during the first 2 days. Blister may form and break.

In general, the skin crust followed by peeling in 1 to 2 weeks.

Post peel care:

Patient education and understanding on the necessity of post peel care is extremely important. Take enough time to explain by your staff.

  • Take note that during this early period post treatment,
    • soak the skin daily for some time, using wet cotton wool ball to roll on the skin, to give it hydration and
    • finished off with application of ointment, which has a high oil content. This help prevent rapid drying of the skin.
  • The anti-viral medication, which was started even before the chemical peel treatment, is to prevent herpes simplex flare up, and is given as a precautionary measure should be continued.
    • Complete the medication till the end of 2nd week.
    • A mild cream or lotion should be used.
  • One should avoid sun exposure until the healing is fully complete.
    • Stays indoor.
    • One can use camouflage makeup after 5-7 days onward.
  • A follow up appointment should be given to monitor the recovery progress and to check that the client is following the post peel care regime properly.


Deep Chemical  Peel

Patient education is an absolute must. Ensure that he or she understood the necessity, its implication in failure to follow.

After a deep chemical peel, the initial healing takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete. Complete recovery may take 3 to 6 months.

Post peel care:

  • The raw wound of treated area should be covered at all time initially, using a sterile gauge lined heavily with antibiotic and ointment. Change the dressing regularly to avoid infection.
  • If not then one need to apply a heavy ointment to prevent treated skin getting dried up.
    • It is very essential to keep the surface moist at all time.
    • Moist surface promote faster healing.
    • I repeat that a moist skin surface will promote a rapid healing.
    • A dried up surface cause crusting and peeling of crust disturb and interrupts proper healing. This may have the possibility to cause scaring.
  • It is best to soak the skin several times a day, say every few hour, like four hourly.
    • Which should be followed with the ointment application.
    • The first 2 weeks, apply the ointment at all time.
    • A course of anti-viral medication must be completed by up to 2 weeks.
    • Avoid all sun exposure for 4 to 6 months. Absolutely avoid sun exposure to prevent PIH.
  • A camouflage makeup can be worn after 14 days.
  • Always schedule several follow-up appointments, a MUST, to check on the healing progress.
    • Also check that the client is following the given post care regime diligently, correctly and properly.
    • Any failure to comply may end up with serious complications such as pigmentary disorder.
    • Such pigmentary disorder is troublesome, especially post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, PIH, or scaring.
  • Always follow a good living habit.
    • Try to avoid smoking and avoid heavy alcohol consumption.
    • Exercise regime may be allowed but do it indoor.
    • If need to do it outdoor, do it during early morning or late evening away from the direct sun exposure.