Botox eyes

Botox Eyes treatment is basically dealing with the injection and delivery of Botox onto and into the side of the eye that wrinkle during facial expression. These wrinkle are called Crow’s Feet.

These radiating lines and folds are the dynamic wrinkles. It is dynamic because the wrinkle is only formed after an expression movement. Our clinic and the doctors has been doing this treatment the most as it is the single most popular treatment among all others.


Botox Eyes is Removing the Crow's Feet wrinkle Besides the Eye.

Botox Eyes: This treatment is for removing the Crow’s Feet wrinkle, Besides the Eye. Total number of units given is around 8 to 12 unites divided into 3 injections depending on the muscle size. For guy, it needs higher level as their orbicularis occuli muscle is generally thicker and more bulky.


This is called the Crow’s feet wrinkle because the line formed looks like the radiating lines of the feet of the crow. The wrinkle disappears when here is no expression movement. However, during an advanced stage, the wrinkle can be present even without expression movement, by which time it becomes a static wrinkle. a static wrinkle will require a filler, such as the Restylane, perlane, Juvederm, to fill up the deficient tissues. It takes many years before a wrinkle can develops into a static wrinkle.


Botox Eyes is about Removing the Glabella Vertical Wrinkle Between the Eyes.

Botox Eyes is about Removing the Glabella’s Vertical Wrinkle, located Between the Eyes. These lines are due to contraction of corrugator muscles, depressor supercilli and procerus muscle.


The under eye area, which can be called the eye bag lines can also be injected. This is very much falling under the domain of much advanced Botox injection therapy. Special care need to be taken because it can cause fluid collection when the muscle action is totally lost.

Treatment for small eye aperture

Many of the oriental, especially the mongoloid race, the Chinese, Japanese or the Korean have a very small horizontal eye slit, call it a small eye aperture. Such small eye can be treated by injection of 2 units of Botox at the mid-pupilary line that intercept the pre-tarsal muscle. Take precaution not to over treat. Always under treat, top up if necessary. This will open the eye bigger. Avoid going too laterally as it can cause rounding effect of the eye.


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